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The Cercueil (coffin) has been offering a different universe with a unique atmosphere ever since 1974, following the release of the film The Exorcist.

The unusual lighting consists almost exclusively of ultraviolet neon lights which give faces a rather corpse-like appearance! The Grim Reaper haunts the menu: half-litres of beer are served in skulls (made of stone) and the names of the cocktails indicate the rather (black) humour of the owners: devil’s sperm, corpse juice, vampire blood, bat haemoglobin etc...

Specialities at the Bar Cercueil :

  • Beer served in skulls
  • House cocktails
  • Burnt head
  • The ‘burn to be alive’: a secret potion which eradicates curses and bad spirits.

The Cercueil is an institution in Brussels – an extraordinary and unique bar